VAT is a self-assessed tax. This means a business is required to ensure its own compliance with UK VAT law. Given the potential for penalties and interest to apply in the event of errors, it is critical for businesses to understand their UK VAT position before entering the UK market.

Our VAT team can work with you to ensure that you obtain a UK VAT ID, register for UK VAT at the right time and issue and receive the correct VAT invoices. Where a business is already VAT-registered in the UK, we can provide VAT advisory services, prepare and submit VAT returns, act as a VAT agent in the UK, prepare and submit Intrastat declarations and EC Sales Lists and deal with HMRC enquiries, assessments and penalties.

Customs and excise

Making sure you are up to date with customs and excise regulations has never been more important when operating in the UK.

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Online traders

Online trading and services regulations cover a range of businesses and industries in the UK – across both physical goods and digital services.

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VAT and construction activities in the UK

Non-UK businesses should take VAT advice about construction projects in the UK as early as possible – ideally, before the project starts.

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VAT health check

A VAT health check is exactly what you would expect – and we’re skilled in running the right checks to ensure you’re fully compliant and following the correct UK VAT procedures and laws.

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VAT registration for non-UK businesses

A business without a VAT establishment in the UK is called a Non-Established Taxable Person (NETP). If a NETP makes taxable supplies in the UK, it must register for VAT from its first sale.

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VAT returns

The UK operates a system of self-assessment – this means the taxpayer is responsible for ensuring the information reported to HMRC is complete and accurate.

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