Businesses sometimes face enquiries from HMRC for a number of reasons. These can include:

  • Questions about a tax registration application – We anticipate these questions and ensure that a business takes steps to gather the information that will be required by HMRC in advance of the enquiries being made. This will help to make the registration process more straightforward and ensures the business receives its UK tax ID as quickly as possible
  • Routine queries about tax returns – HMRC will often ask questions about tax returns that have been submitted. Where we act as tax agent these queries will automatically be forwarded to us. This ensures that we can manage the process effectively and deal with HMRC’s queries as quickly as possible
  • Assessments or penalties issued by HMRC – These can be due to late submission of tax returns, late payments, or errors made in the tax return

We work with businesses and HMRC to manage the assessment process as effectively as possible. Whilst it is not always possible to avoid penalties, we work with businesses to negotiate any potential penalties down to the fullest extent  possible.

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