We understand that dealing with tax authorities can be challenging . Our experienced team will guide you and your team through the international assignment process from start to finish.

Visas and immigration

We partner with an experienced immigration and visa team to manage the immigration process for you.

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Payrolls for international workers

Expat workers must be reported to the UK tax authorities via a payroll. This is a complex area and we help our clients set up the right systems from the start.

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Internationally mobile workers

Your employees working in the UK from overseas will face complex UK tax rules. We recommend getting advice before they come to work in the UK.

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Remittance basis advice

The remittance basis offers a favourable tax treatment for foreign nationals living in the UK

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Personal tax compliance

Expats in the UK should prepare and file personal tax returns on an annual basis by registering with HMRC before filing a self-assessment tax return each year.

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Social security advice and compliance

Social security obligations can be complex, especially because social security rules are different to tax residency rules.

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Tax equalization

Employers sending employees on an international assignment will usually ensure the employee is neither better nor worse off than if they had stayed at home.

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UK Statutory Residence Test

Even if you are officially resident in another country, you may also be tax resident in the UK. The UK has a Statutory Residence Test to determine if an individual is a UK tax resident and your residency status will determine to what extent you are taxable in the UK.

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Short term business visitor reporting

As an employer, you have reporting obligations in the UK for any employees visiting the UK, even if it’s just for a few days. These types of visitors are known as Short Term Business Visitors.

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