In the UK, a business or individual can appoint their tax advisor to act as their tax agent. The tax agent is authorised to deal with HMRC on their behalf, for any area of tax specified.

Appointing a tax agent is beneficial for overseas individuals and businesses because it means HMRC has a UK contact that can communicate effectively with them. It also avoids post being sent overseas by HMRC – which can take weeks to be delivered and can be lost in transit. 

As your tax agent we will:

  • Answer questions from HMRC about applications for a UK Tax ID
  • Work with HMRC to answer enquiries about tax returns, repayment claims and specific transactions
  • Prepare and submit tax returns on your behalf
  • Negotiate with HMRC regarding assessments and penalties

It is standard practice that in order to act as your tax agent, the UK tax authorities require us to have your written authorization – which we will ask for when we start working with you.

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